This is the ONLY full featured photography course that will take you from knowing nothing to learning multiple genres of photography. You will cover still life, food, portraiture, landscape, action, black and white and more!

This semester length course includes multiple modules spanning many topics and genres of photography. This is for the beginner to intermediate level photographer and you can expect to go from knowing nothing to mastering your controls. In the Camera Basics module you will get off the automatic modes and nail your exposure every time. In each of the topical modules we’ll cover some art history and several different genres of photography while we perfect our execution. Assignment challenges will be given for each lesson so you can practice what we learn and build on your knowledge step by step.

We’ll cover what all the controls do, the different kinds of equipment out there and we’ll attempt several genres of photography in order to learn the lessons each one offers while learning about what we enjoy to do! We will attempt landscape, still life, food, architecture, interiors, portraiture and low light photography.

Distance learning? This is a great solution as many schools are cutting arts programs from their budgets. Adult learner? Learn on your own schedule with no penalty for taking your time. Homeschoolers? The only option was to take evening classes at community centers, but now you’ve got an even better one: Learning from a pro who actually enjoys teaching.

Includes: Camera Basics (13 units), Intro to Still Life and Food (4 units), Intro to Landscape (4 Units) and Intro to Portraiture (5 Units). Plus there are 7 bonus units not available for purchase on their own: Ultimate Camera Buying Guide (3 units), Intro to digital Black and White, How to shoot a “pan”, and an introduction to lens focal lengths!

Who this course is for:

  • Food bloggers or reviewers
  • Jewelry designers advertising products
  • Foodies
  • Photography students
  • Beginner to intermediate photographers
  • Chef/restaurant managers advertising food
  • Boutique owners advertising products
  • Outdoors enthusiasts
  • Parents/grandparents wanting to photograph kids or sports
  • Artists